“I cannot recommend anyone else other than ISLP. I enrolled my daughter in music therapy and we have been a dramatic improvement in her speech. She went from barely being able to utter a word to now holding conversations with adults. Odelia is wonderful with kids and my daughter loves to go see her after school.”
Jordin N.
"Odelia was an amazing speech therapist. She started working with my 3-year old eight months ago and her articulation was a thousand times better than when we first started. Thank you so much!”
Steven D.
“I highly recommend Odelia and her team. She was the teacher my son needed. Within 5 months, the stuttering has stopped and his speech has progressed significantly. He did much better in school and I was proud of watching him do his class presentation. So grateful for the work Odelia put into helping my son.”
Michele R.
“Odelia was passionate about her work and I could see she truly cared about helping my son. I am thankful for the sincerity, creativity, and professionalism she showed. Very happy to have found a great therapist!”
Joe G.