Social skills groups are provided to individuals affected by autism or ASD. These groups serve to help children improve peer-to-peer interactions. The small groups are managed by a counselor, activities include role-playing, speech practice, and general instruction. Small group activities are coordinated by the teacher to promote communication skills and interactions among members.

Skills groups are formed to develop specific interaction skills, including problem-solving, conversation, theory, emotional awareness, perspective, and more. Participating members see improvements in conversational skills that develop positive relationships. Children can learn to request favors, respond to greetings, share messages, discuss interests, and compliment others. Children in various age groups can benefit from social skills groups.

Training occurs in comprehensive environments and the groups aim to meet social and emotional needs. We apply strong group dynamics to instill confidence and comfort in members. Groups meet weekly for single or multiple sessions. Parents and guardians of children will receive updates on the progress of their children and what is being learned.

If you are interested in enrolling your child in social skills groups in Los Angeles, please contact ISLP today to reserve an appointment.

Social Skills Group Los Angeles