Reading comprehension is defined by the ability of readers to analyze and connect the ideas in a text to their personal experiences and knowledge. The level of reading skill an individual possesses depends on how well they are able to decode text. A high-level skill in language can help children extract the meaning from text.

Children who have language impairments may find difficulties in creating a mental connection between the words presented in the text and their personal ideas. Reading comprehension requires a fully developed language skill.

Learning difficulties regarding language are the result of developmental impairments of spoken language. Reading problems may occur alongside writing comprehension problems as well. ISLP evaluates students’ ability to analyze print, understand written and verbal directions, process names, read and write letters, and find words that rhyme.

ISLP works alongside teachers to apply multi-dimensional strategies and techniques for students. Teachers can modify their class content and material to assist students requiring additional development with reading and writing comprehension. For additional information regarding reading and writing comprehension in Los Angeles, please call ISLP today.

Reading and Writing Comprehension Los Angeles