Music Therapy is based on using music interventions to help clients accomplish individual goals in a supportive environment. Music therapists are board-certified to provide an effective academic program that will help clients improve communication skills using auditory stimulation.

A Los Angeles music therapist evaluates the current functional abilities and communication skills of clients. They then create the appropriate goals and objectives to address disorders and initiate development. The therapists apply interventions and techniques that will clients make progress towards clearly defined goals.

Music therapy interventions can include singing, instruments, listening, songwriting, dance, and music improvisation. All individuals can benefit from these interventions. Individuals will see an improvement in socialization and communication, be able to teach cognitive concepts, present their emotions, reduce anxiety, develop positive coping techniques, and form meaningful experiences.

Music is a source of motivation and relaxation, it is easy for individuals to relate to and places them in a more comfortable environment. Music can stimulate the brain and enhance its cognitive potential, resulting in positive behavioral results. Brianna is our music therapist and she manages groups for toddlers and private therapy sessions.

Music Therapy Los Angeles