Innovative Speech and Language Pathology is constantly active in the pursuit of education for children with special academic needs. There are various educational institutions which may not result in the most positive outcome. Children with speech disorders require a proper educational experience.

ISLP personally advocates for educational and medical opportunities for children. Children affected by speech disorders are entitled to services such as speech, physical, and occupational therapy. In physical therapy, children develop functional skills to enable movement, including walking and running.

Occupational therapy provides children with necessary skills to be independent and utilize their potential. During speech therapy, a child’s language skills are evaluated to help them address language processing problems or speech difficulties. There are a high number of schools and districts do not support courses accommodating occupational, speech, or physical therapy.

ISLP provides services available for students looking to obtain the right educational experience. We work with child advocates and attorneys to ensure children receive special education services and accommodation. To learn more about Los Angeles education advocacy services, please call ISLP.

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